Warning.  Fake parts

... are being sold as originals rather than as reproductions. 


Early 240z hubcaps with the "D" logo typically sell for > $1000USD. 

Poorly made reproductions are now being sold on Ebay and Craigslist and are falsely stated to be originals.

Buyer Beware!



Fake is too dark and too shiny.



Craigslist ad. Fake on left, real on right.



Fake on left has only 5 bends. Real on right has 7 bends.




Fake fingers on left have only 2 semicircular cutouts, real have 3 cutouts with center deeper.


Fake hole on left is drilled with no lip, real have a punched hole with lip

The seller has now changed the product appearance after learning his fakes were too shiny:


The seller is whitelotus909

The name of the seller is: kevin luu of Ontario, California.

Another area where he is selling fakes: https://offerup.com/item/detail/305146866/


Seller whitelotus909 on Ebay just changed name to 240zlover777